Discover the Best Travel Packages 2018!

As the mercury rises, this summer people in Pakistan start looking for domestic and overseas holiday packages and all inclusive vacations to cooler and exciting destination. So if you are looking for a land of skyscrapers and amusement parks, or a cruise voyage with the excitement of sailing the world or just escaping to stunning white-sand beaches, check out our top choices for the best summer travel packages from Pakistan. There are so many places to visit around the world! You just need to find one which best fits your budget!

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Dream Holiday Destinations with Cruise - Find Travel Packages Here

Enjoy your Dream Destinations with Cruise! Visit Bangkok, Colombo, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore & Cruise. Spend 5 Nights in Bangkok & Pattaya for US$ 250, 6 Nights in Bangkok, Kuala Lampur & Colombo for US$ 399, 7 Nights in Singapore, Cruise & Colombo for US$ 740, 9 Nights in Colombo, Kuala Lampur & Singapore Cruise for US$ 899! Package includes 3 star hotel, 5 star Cruise, daily breakfast, Sightseeing tours, Airport Pick n drop! Happy travel!

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