Al-Najam Fried Chicken - AFC

8-B, 3 Mozang Road, Lahore
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By Hadi Iqtadar on 5/28/2014 9:07:42 AM

"I visited AFC Thokar Niaz, Lahore branch on 27th May 2014 at 10:15 pm. At that time all AFC was vacant and only we were there. The female order taker took order for 2 deals and conveyed that meal will be ready within 10 to 15 minutes.

I was accompanied with my family. I went upstairs for seating as my daughter insisted to play in the play area. We waited for around 45 minutes for the order.Then I went downstairs and asked the waiter for the order, both female and male waiter asked that, "sir ap ka order kia tha!". Amazing and other important thing was that the female order taker and others were having dinner, enjoying ZEEE burger with chicken. Then they replied that the female waiter, who took our order, was in the wash room.

Mind blowing she was there for 45 minutes in the wash room. What was going onnnnnnn! We were the only customers. I took my money back from the staff in disgust and my family went home without having dinner.

I will never visit AFC again."

By Dr. Imran on 10/11/2013 7:35:37 PM

"Your franchise in Gujrat is not at a suitable location. Try to get a more prominent and easily accessible public place."

By ali on 2/8/2013 11:32:48 PM

"Outstanding fish burger."

By muhammad on 9/2/2012 5:21:02 PM

"Outstanding taste. Awsome AFC. I LOVE IT!"

By Ahsan on 6/7/2011 11:03:18 AM

"Awesome food, tastes good but lettuce was old... Try to preserve freshness. Overall wonderful."


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Head Office Address : 8-B, 3 Mozang Road, Lahore Landmarks : AFC, Mozang Road City : Lahore Phone : +92-42-37364071, 37364072
Restaurants Address : Sadiq Plaza, The Mall, Lahore Landmarks : Sadiq Plaza, The Mall City : Lahore Phone : +92-42-36316965
Restaurants Address : Australia Chowk, Railway Station, Lahore Landmarks : Australia Chowk, Railway Station City : Lahore Phone : +92-42-37671198
Restaurants Address : Gulshan Block, Main Boulevard, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore Landmarks : Gulshan Block, Main Boulevard City : Lahore Phone : +92-42-37812306, 37812307
Restaurants Address : 25-B Main Plaza, College Road, Township, Lahore Landmarks : College Road, Main Plaza City : Lahore Phone : +92-42-35120354, 35124371, 35124372, 35124373
Restaurants Address : Jahangir Road, Lal Pul, Canal Bank, Lahore Landmarks : Canal Bank, Jahangir Road, Lal Pul City : Lahore Phone : +92-42-36545961
Restaurants Address : 4-B Judical Colony, Raiwind Road, Lahore Landmarks : Judicial Colony, Raiwind Road City : Lahore Phone : +92-42-35314221, 35314222
Restaurants Address : 9-G.T Road, Opp. U.E.T, Near Co-Operative Store, Lahore Landmarks : Co Operative Store, University of Engineering Technology City : Lahore Phone : +92-42-36822109
Restaurants Address : 239-D, PIA Colony, Near Wapda Town Round About, Lahore Landmarks : Wapda Town Chowrangi City : Lahore Phone : +92-42-35185670, 35185687
Restaurants Address : Gulistan Road, Near High Centre College, Sahiwal Landmarks : Gulistan Road, High Centre College City : Sahiwal Phone : +92-40-4221058
Restaurants Address : 213- Main Susan Road, Madina Town, Faisalabad Landmarks : AFC, Chanab Market, Faizan Madina, Madina Town, Susan Road City : Faisalabad Phone : +92-41-8710743
Restaurants Address : 394- Jinnah Colony, Near Ideal Bakers, Faisalabad Landmarks : Gulberg Thana, Ideal Bakers, Jinnah Colony City : Faisalabad Phone : +92-41-2007767
Restaurants Address : Railway Road, Sargodha Landmarks : AFC, Railway Road City : Sargodha Phone : +92-48-3726834, 3726854
Restaurants Address : 10-A, Gulgasht Colony, Multan Landmarks : Gulgasht Colony City : Multan Phone : +92-61-6212228, 6212229
Restaurants Address : 146-B, Chandni Chowk, Murree Road, Rawalpindi Landmarks : AFC, Chandni Chowk, Murree Road, Rawalpindi City : Rawalpindi Phone : +92-51-4420001, 8001200PABX : +92-51-4428862, 4428863
Restaurants Address : 494-B, Near Govt. Girls, College, Satellite Town, Gujranwala Landmarks : Govt Girls College City : Gujranwala Phone : +92-55-3843040
Restaurants Address : Ahmed's Joy City, Qamar Salvi Road, Gujrat Landmarks : AFC, Ahmed's Joy City, Qamar Salvi Road, Sarwar Gol Plaza, University Of Gujrat City : Gujrat Phone : +92-53-3522701, 3522731
Restaurants Address : Civil Quarter Road, Elahi Center, Sheikhupura Landmarks : Civil Quarter Road, Elahi Center City : Sheikhupura Phone : +92-56-3610777

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Haji Muhammad Latif

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7 Days a Week [11 am to 10 pm]