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Silk Bank

Central Office: 1st Floor, Silk Bank Building, I.I.Chundrigar Rd., Karachi Send Email
Business Hours: Monday - Friday [9 am - 5 pm]
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1 out of 5 stars
By: Tariq Khawaja on 07-May-2014

I completely agree with Nadia. I am being harassed by Silk Bank Call Centre for the past six months. They call me every other day and try to convince me to buy a credit card. I have told them several times that I am not interested in their product but every time a different person calls with the same irritating marketing script.

State Bank should take note of such unethical and manipulative techniques being employed by this Bank and refrain them from such bad practices.

1 out of 5 stars
By: Nadia Hussain on 06-May-2014

Silk Bank's name should be The Robbers Bank or The Hidden Charges Bank. They are levying so many hidden charges which their nagging sales reps don't even bother to explain at the time of selling their products.

For example there is no such thing as 0% APR on BTF. Once you sign the form you are charged 20% as processing fee of BTF making their BTF APR more than any other similar products available in market. Since they charge amount equivalent to a year's interests in advance, they try their best to cancel the whole BTF plan without even notifying you, on the basis of many unreasonable provisions. Eventually, you'll find your self deceived into shifting your credit from some other competitive bank to Silk Bank and end up paying the highest APR in the market.

PLZ TAKE THEIR MANY PAGES COMPLETED JARGONED FORM TO A LAWYER BEFORE SIGNING IT. IT HAS ALL THE UNREASONABLE PROVISION BUILT IN. I am personally a victim of these manipulative and unethical marketing techniques, and won't recommend Silk Bank to anyone.

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Head Office Address: Central Office: 1st Floor, Silk Bank Building, I.I.Chundrigar Rd., Karachi Landmarks: Bank Al Falah, Jang Press, Old Saudi Pak Building, Saima Trade Tower, Silk Bank Building, Ubl Bank Al Rehman Branch City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-32460475, 32460476, 32460477, 32460478, 32460479, 32460480, 32460481, 32460482, 32460483, 32460484, 32460485, 32460486, 32460487, 32460488, 32460489, 32460490, 32460491, 32460492, 32460493, 32460494 UAN +92-21-111100333
Branch Office Address: Plot No 23-C, Street 37, Tauheed Commercial, Phase-V, DHA, Karachi Landmarks: Silk Bank, Tauheed Commercial City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-35871378
Regional Office Address: 14, Egerton Rd., Lahore Landmarks: Egerton Road, Garhi Shahu City: Lahore
Phone +92-42-34312448, 36312446, 36312447, 36364024 Fax +92-42-36279272
Branch Office Address: Khasra No. 1392, Khatoni No. 203, Kevit No. 583, Main Lahore Sargodha Rd., Sheikhupura Landmarks: Sargodha Road City: Qila Sheikhupura
Phone +92-56-3813422, 3813448, 3813529 Fax +92-56-3810059
Branch Office Address: Khawet No. 324 and Khatooni No. 371, Situated at Khauyam Chowk, Gulberg Park, Sargodha Landmarks: Gulberg Park, Khauyam Chowk City: Sargodha
Phone +92-48-9230826 Fax +92-48-9230825
Regional Office Address: Registered Office: 19th Flr., Saudi Pak Tower, Islamabad Landmarks: Blue Area, Saudi Pak Tower City: Islamabad
Phone +92-51-2800300 Fax +92-51-2800308
Regional Office Address: 93, Razia Sharif Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad. Landmarks: Blue Area, Razia Sharif Plaza City: Islamabad
Phone +92-51-2344662, 2344663, 2344664, 2344665, 2344666, 2344667, 2344670, 2344671, 2344673, 2802061, 2802062, 2802063 Fax +92-51-2829935
Branch Office Address: 26, Shahi Rd., Rahimyar Khan Landmarks: Shahi Road City: Rahim Yar Khan
Phone +92-68-5878795, 5881302 Fax +92-68-5879408
Branch Office Address: Hussaini Rd., Sukkur Landmarks: Hussaini Road City: Sukkur
Phone +92-71-5619139, 5619140, 5619141 Fax +92-71-23825
Regional Office Address: Abdali Road, Multan Landmarks: Abdali Road City: Multan
Phone +92-61-4587355, 4589087, 4589723 Fax +92-61-4589801
Branch Office Address: Lamsy Archade, 1-C Fakhar-e-Alam Rd., Peshawar Cantt Landmarks: Fakhar-e-Alam Road, Lamsy Archade, Peshawar Cantt City: Peshawar
Phone +92-91-5276290, 5276938, 5278122 Fax +92-91-5276414
Branch Office Address: 321-D, 5th Rd., Satellite Town, Rawalpindi Landmarks: 5th Road, Rawalpindi, Satellite Town City: Rawalpindi
Phone +92-51-4850676, 4850677, 4850678 Fax +92-51-4850674
Branch Office Address: Firdousi Bldg., Jinnah Rd., Quetta Landmarks: Firdousi Building, Jinnah Road City: Quetta
Phone +92-81-2821773 Fax +92-81-2821773
Branch Office Address: 70, Paris Rd, Sialkot Landmarks: Paris Road City: Sialkot
Phone +92-52-4266778, 4597489, 4597490, 4597491 Fax +92-52-4266712
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