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Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited (HMBL)

Spencer's Building, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi. Send Email
Owned By: Habib Bank A G Zurich
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Head Office Address: Spencer's Building, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi. Landmarks: Al-Falah Court, Saima Trade Tower, Spencer Building City: Karachi
Fax +92-21-32630404, 32630405 UAN +92-21-111141414 Toll Free 0800-42242
Branch Office Address: 3/9 - B-2 Metro Chowrangi, SITE, Karachi. Landmarks: Metro Chowrangi City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-32564101, 32564102, 32564103, 32564793, 32564794, 32564795 Fax +92-21-32564100
Branch Office Address: 1-C, Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Phase V, Karachi. Landmarks: Khayaban-e-Shamsheer City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-35857404, 35857405, 35857406 Fax +92-21-35857403
Branch Office Address: SB-4/4, Zaibunnisa Street, Saddar Landmarks: Baloch Ice Cream, Bohri Bazar, Habib Bank Chowrangi City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-35216308, 35216309 Fax +92-21-35216434
Branch Office Address: 25, Central Commercial Area, Main Alamgir Road, Karachi. Landmarks: Central Commercial Area, Main Alamgir Road City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-34948805, 34948806, 34948807 Fax +92-21-34948803
Branch Office Address: 86-C, 11th Commercial Street, D.H.A Phase II Ext. Landmarks: 11th Commercial Street, Asaish, Inspire, Khayaban-e-Ittehad, LRBT Trust building, Mascot Building City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-35382109, 35897632 Fax +92-21-35886872
Branch Office Address: No.1 Madni Pride, Block-7 & 8, C.P. Berar Co-operative Housing Society, Dhoraji Colony, Karachi Landmarks: C.P. Berar Co-operative Housing Society, Dhoraji Colony, Madni Pride City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-34949534, 34949535, 34949536 Fax +92-21-34949592
Branch Office Address: FL. 4/S Hamid Square, Block 3 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi Landmarks: Gulshan Chowrangi, Hamid Square City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-34800791, 34800792 Fax +92-21-34800789
Branch Office Address: F-168/A, Madina Mall, Block 3, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi Landmarks: Khalid Bin Waleed, Madina Mall City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-34390191, 34390192, 34390193 Fax +92-21-34390190
Branch Office Address: GPC-2 Block 5, Clifton, Karachi Landmarks: Boat Basin, GPC City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-35879734, 35879735, 35879736 Fax +92-21-35879738
Branch Office Address: HMB Plaza, I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi Landmarks: HMB Plaza, Saima Trade Centre, Uni Plaza City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-32633311 Fax +92-21-32631418, 32631419, 32635650
Branch Office Address: S-2, Uzma Arcade, Block - 7, Khayaban-e-Iqbal, KDA Scheme No. 5,Clifton Landmarks: K.D.A. Scheme No. 5, Khayaban-e-Iqbal, The Forum, Uzma Arcade City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-35877831, 35877832, 35877833, 35877834, 35877835 Fax +92-21-35832019
Branch Office Address: Naseeb Building, 37/1, Plaza Square, M. A. Jinnah Road, Karachi Landmarks: Naseeb building, Plaza Square, Tibet Centre City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-32737183, 32737184, 32737185 Fax +92-21-32737187
Branch Office Address: B-12/B-1, Estate Avenue, S.I.T.E, Karachi. Landmarks: Estate Avenue City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-32570724, 32570725, 32570726, 32570727, 32570728 Fax +92-21-32570729
Branch Office Address: Plot 12-C, Korangi Road, Commercial Area 'A', DHA Phase II, Karachi. Landmarks: ABN AMRO Islamic Branch, Afridi Inn, Defence More, Golden Tower Shopping Mall, Korangi Road, Toyota Defence Motors City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-35396989, 35396990, 35396991
Branch Office Address: Mubarak Shaheed Road, Karachi Landmarks: Makro Saddar, Mubarak Shaheed Road City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-32793282 Fax +92-21-32793286
Branch Office Address: ISLAMIC BANKING BRANCH: Ground Floor, Alfalah Court, I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi Landmarks: Al-Falah Court, Saima Trade Tower City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-32215361, 32215362, 32215363 Fax +92-21-32215358
Branch Office Address: ISLAMIC BANKING BRANCH: SB-4/4, Zaibunnisa Street, Saddar,Karachi Landmarks: Baloch Ice Cream, Bohri Bazar, Chowrangi City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-35650711, 35650712, 35650713, 35650714 Fax +92-21-35650650
Branch Office Address: ISLAMIC BANKING BRANCH: F-L, 3/15, Block 5, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi Landmarks: Aladdin Park, Rashid Minhas Road City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-34819985, 34819986, 34819988 Fax +92-21-34819989
Branch Office Address: Plot No SD-3, Shop No. 6,7 & 8, Kaneez Market, Block A, North Nazimabad, Karachi Landmarks: Kaneez Market City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-36637485, 36639404
Branch Office Address: Ground Floor, Mughlia Arcade, Nazimabad No. 3, Karachi Landmarks: Mughlia Arcade City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-36613561, 36613562, 36613563, 36613564
Branch Office Address: Plot No. SC-17, Naimat Apartment. Opp. DC Office, Block N, North Nazimabad, Karachi Landmarks: DC Office, Naimat Apartment, UP More City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-36676099, 36679200, 36679201, 36679202, 36679203
Branch Office Address: 485/486, Rizvia Society, Nazimabad, Karachi Landmarks: Ceramics Market , Rizvia Society City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-36600546, 36600547, 36600548
Branch Office Address: Plot No. SE-3, Ground Floor, New Hyderi Market, Block-M, North Nazimabad, Karachi Landmarks: New Hyderi Market City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-36643711, 36643712, 36643713
Branch Office Address: 6-A, Block V-A, Nazimabad No. 5, Karachi Landmarks: Paposh Nagar City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-36700001, 36700002, 36700003, 36700004, 36700006, 36700008, 36700009, 36700013
Branch Office Address: LAHORE MAIN BRANCH: Associated House, 7 Egerton Road, Lahore Landmarks: Associated House, Egerton Road, Main Branch City: Lahore
Phone +92-42-36279062, 36279063, 36279064, 36279065 Fax +92-42-36279061 UAN +92-42-111181818
Branch Office Address: House No. 85-D-1, Gulberg-III, Lahore Landmarks: Liberty Market, PACE City: Lahore
Phone +92-42-35755151, 35872091, 35872092, 35872093, 35872094 Fax +92-42-35754480
Branch Office Address: 9-Z DHA, Lahore Landmarks: Defence Housing Society City: Lahore
Phone +92-42-35894162, 35894163, 35894164 Fax +92-42-35893878
Branch Office Address: 38-R-359, Circular Road, Lahore Landmarks: Badami Bagh, Bairun Masti Gate, Circular Road City: Lahore
Phone +92-42-37723471, 37723473, 37723474, 37723475
Branch Office Address: 207-P, Block-A, Model Town Link Road, Landmarks: Link Road City: Lahore
Phone +92-42-35203657, 35203658
Branch Office Address: 14-B, Davis Road, Lahore. Landmarks: Davis Road, Jang Building City: Lahore
Phone +92-42-36279020, 36279021, 36279022, 36279023, 36279024 Fax +92-42-36368392
Branch Office Address: 19-B, Main Gulberg, Lahore Landmarks: Main Gulberg City: Lahore
Phone +92-42-35878475, 35878477, 35878478, 35878479 Fax +92-42-35878473
Branch Office Address: 75-76 Ravi Road, Datagunj Buksh Town, Lahore Landmarks: Datagunj Buksh Town, Ravi Road City: Lahore
Phone +92-42-37703106, 37703107, 37705201
Branch Office Address: Ibrahim Trade Centre, 1-Aibak Block, New Garden Town, Lahore. Landmarks: Aibak Block, Ibrahim Trade Centre, New Garden Town City: Lahore
Phone +92-42-35941636, 35941637, 35941638 Fax +92-42-35941632
Branch Office Address: P-64, Taj Plaza, Kutwali Road, Faisalabad Landmarks: Kutwali Road, Taj Plaza City: Faisalabad
Phone +92-41-2649902, 2649903, 2649904, 2649905, 2649906 Fax +92-41-2649901
Branch Office Address: P-71, Kotwali Road, Faisalabad Landmarks: Kotwali Road City: Faisalabad
Phone +92-41-2634891, 2634892, 2634893, 2634894 Fax +92-41-2633822
Branch Office Address: ISLAMABAD BRANCH: 24-D, Rashid Plaza, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad Landmarks: Jinnah Avenue, Rashid Plaza City: Islamabad
Phone +92-51-2274088, 2274089, 2274090, 2277438 Fax +92-51-2274082
Branch Office Address: 1-K, 10th Avenue, F-10 Islambad Landmarks: 10th Avenue, Markaz City: Islamabad
Phone +92-51-2102515, 2102516 Fax +92-51-2102514
Branch Office Address: B-25, 58 Shaheed Gunj, Sukkur Landmarks: Shaheed Gunj City: Sukkur
Phone +92-71-5620432, 5620433, 5620434, 5620435
Branch Office Address: 85-A, Qasim Road, Multan Cantonment Landmarks: Cantonment, Cantt, Qasim Road City: Multan
Phone +92-61-4583515, 4583516, 4583517 Fax +92-61-4583518
Branch Office Address: 9-Haider Road, Rawalpindi Cantonment Landmarks: Cantonment, Haider Road, Hyder City: Rawalpindi
Phone +92-51-5522022, 5522033, 5522044 Fax +92-51-5522055
Branch Office Address: Allama Iqbal Chowk, Railway Road, Sialkot Landmarks: Allama Iqbal Chowk, Railway Road City: Sialkot
Phone +92-52-4580037 Fax +92-52-4588024
Branch Office Address: 27-28-A, Small Industrial Estate, Sialkot Landmarks: SITE, Small Industrial Estate City: Sialkot
Phone +92-52-3254738, 3254799
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