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Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman) Pakistan

36, Wafaqi Mohtasib Seretariat, Constituation Avenue, Opp. Supreme Court of Pakistan, G-5/1, Islamabad. Send Email
Owned By: Federal Government of Pakistan
Type: Services
Parking Facility: In house Parking is available
Business Hours: Monday - Friday [9 am to 3 pm]
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Head Office Address: 36, Wafaqi Mohtasib Seretariat, Constituation Avenue, Opp. Supreme Court of Pakistan, G-5/1, Islamabad. Landmarks: Constituation Avenue, Shahrah-e-Dastoor, Supreme Court of Pakistan City: Islamabad
Phone +92-51-9217206, 9217207, 9217208, 9217209, 9217210 Fax +92-51-9217224
Regional Office Address: House No. 5, Panyala Street, Sheikh Yousaf Chowk, Chashma Road, D.I Khan. Landmarks: Chashma Road, Sheikh Yousaf Chowk City: D. I. Khan
Phone +92-966-741561 Fax +92-966-741566
Regional Office Address: Bungalow No.CS-550/13-B, Behind UBL, Shalimar, Near District Jail, Sukkur. Landmarks: District Jail, UBL City: Sukkur
Phone +92-71-9310007 Fax +92-71-9310012
Regional Office Address: Sixth Floor, State Life Building No. 3, Thandi Sarak, Hyderaba. Landmarks: State Life Building, Thandi Sarak City: Hyderabad
Phone +92-22-9201604 Fax +92-22-9201603
Regional Office Address: Bungalow No. 17(XIX), Stadium Corner, Vehari Road, Multan. Landmarks: Stadium Corner City: Multan
Phone +92-61-6783473 Fax +92-61-6783475
Regional Office Address: First Floor, Benevolent Fund Building, Peshawar-Cantt. Landmarks: Benevolent Fund Building, Peshawar Cantt City: Peshawar
Phone +92-91-9211570 Fax +92-91-9211571
Regional Office Address: Barganza Villas, Qaddafi Street, Link Zarghoon Road, Quetta. Landmarks: Barganza Villa, Zarghoon Road City: Quetta
Phone +92-81-9202679 Fax +92-81-9202818
Regional Office Address: 4-B, Federal Government Secretariat, Saddar, Karachi. Landmarks: Federal Government Secretariat City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-99202106, 99202107, 99202109, 99202112, 99204141 Fax +92-21-99202121
Regional Office Address: 15-A, Third Floor, State Life Building, Davis Road, Lahore. Landmarks: Davis Road, State Life Building City: Lahore
Phone +92-42-99201017, 99201018, 99201019, 99201020 Fax +92-42-99201021
Regional Office Address: 24/Z/13-A, Behind Chenab Market, Susan Road, Madina Town, Faisalabad. Landmarks: Chenab Market, Madina Town, Susan Road City: Faisalabad
Phone +92-41-9220546 Fax +92-41-9220545
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