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EDHI Centre

Karachi Send Email
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1 out of 5 stars
By: Shahnaz on 24-Oct-2012

EDHI is doing an excellent job.

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Branch Office Address: Karachi Landmarks: City: Karachi
Important/Emergency 115, 32310066, 32310077
Branch Office Address: Khayaban-e-Jami,Opp. Forum Shopping Mall, Clifton, Karachi Landmarks: Forum Shopping Mall, Khayaban-e-Jamix City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-35372548, 35376916
Regional Office Address: 17-A Muslim Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore. Landmarks: Muslim Block City: Lahore
Phone +92-42-37806661 Fax +92-42-37497399
Regional Office Address: 9-A, Liaquat Road, Faisalabad Landmarks: Liaquat Road City: Faisalabad
Phone +92-41-2610111, 2647111
Branch Office Address: Abbottabad Landmarks: Abbotabad City: Abbottabad
Phone +92-992-337440 Important/Emergency 115
Regional Office Address: Edhi Islamabad Centre, Aapbara Chowk, Islamabad. Landmarks: Aapbara Chowk City: Islamabad
Phone +92-51-2502278, 2827844
Branch Office Address: D. I. Khan Landmarks: D.I Khan City: D. I. Khan
Phone +92-966-710637
Branch Office Address: Kohat Landmarks: Kohat City: Kohat
Important/Emergency 115
Branch Office Address: Hyderabad Landmarks: Hyderabad City: Hyderabad
Phone +92-22-2610752, 2784433, 3875855 Important/Emergency 115
Regional Office Address: Dolat Gate, Multan Landmarks: Dolat Gate City: Multan
Phone +92-61-4583906
Branch Office Address: Rawalpindi Landmarks: Rawalpindi City: Rawalpindi
Phone +92-51-5533333 Important/Emergency 115
Branch Office Address: Quetta Landmarks: Quetta City: Quetta
Phone +92-81-2830832, 2830861 Important/Emergency 115
Branch Office Address: Gujranwala Landmarks: Gujranwala City: Gujranwala
Phone +92-55-4215745, 4215746 Important/Emergency 115
Branch Office Address: Manshera Landmarks: Manshera City: Manshera
Phone +92-997-302123 Important/Emergency 115
Branch Office Address: Haripur Landmarks: Haripur City: Haripur
Phone +92-995-614207 Important/Emergency 115
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