Duaago - The Counsellors Centre for Mental Health & Personality Grooming

3/27, III-B, Nazimabad No. 7, Near Agha Khan Laboratory, Karachi.
Dr. Sabir Hussain Khan (MBBS - MCPS) at Duaago is a consultant psychiatrist, psychotherapist, writer and columnist, striving for peace of mind and a b.. more
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By fazal rehman on 7/18/2013 5:28:55 AM

"Duaago is providing excellent services to our country men. May God bless them.


By Zeeshan M. Jamil on 12/8/2011 1:03:55 PM

"All praise be to ALLAH, who does know who is eligible for HIS way to work on. I would like to express my appreciation for what Duaago is doing for humanity. I pray to ALLAH for Dr. Sabir and his team to carry on with this noble cause. May peace and blessings be on Duaago and all of you."


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Clinics Address : 3/27, III-B, Nazimabad No. 7, Near Agha Khan Laboratory, Karachi. Landmarks : Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Agha Khan Lab, Baqai Hospital City : Karachi Phone : +92-21-36619961, 36680988Mobile : 0300-9264954, 0345-6680988 View Map

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Dr. Sabir Hussain Khan (MBBS - MCPS) at Duaago is a consultant psychiatrist, psychotherapist, writer and columnist, striving for peace of mind and a better lifestyle with the help of a team of professional psychologists and social workers offering unique services including;

  • Psychiatric Consultation & Evaluation

  • Psychotherapy Counseling

  • Personality Assessment & Grooming

  • Coaching & Guidance for a Successful Lifestyle

  • Time Management

  • Stress Management

  • Alternative Supplementary Herbal Treatments

  • Palmistry, Meditation, Confidence Building Exercises

  • Para-Psychological & Spiritual Healing

Get rid off all your personal, emotional, social, psychological, behavioral, adjustment, educational, matrimonial, sexual, spiritual and para-psychological problems with expert help and guidance from mental health providers and professionals.

Depending upon the nature of your problems, one of our team member will work with you till you get your peace of mind or untill you want to stay with us.

We have services of on call free lance clinical psychologists, counselors, social therapists, hypnotherapists, para-psychologists, medical palmist and numerologist and astrologist, alternative medicine specialist and many more skilled persons eager to serve the community.

Though we treat psychiatric patients, but we don’t believe in hospitalization and in Electro Convulsive Therapy - ECT or Shock Therapy.  Instead we try our best to treat a patient suffering from any mental or psychiatric disorder in OPD set up with psycho tropic medicines along with combination of spiritual, para-psychological , herbal and different types of counselling techniques and psychotherapies , when and if required , combined with relaxation and rehabilitation modes and measures.

We have flexible fee structure. If somebody has to come repeatedly and can’t afford full fees, we provide need base discounts.  Deserving poor patients, eligible for zakat, are treated free of cost and in extreme cases are provided even with free medicines.

We also offer stipend based job training courses to deserving widows, orphans, students, disabled persons, and needy girls and retired fifty plus males as community service.

We have a vast collection of books and reading material in Urdu for personality grooming and self management , stress management , time management and different other subjects.

Our primary goal is Primary Prevention, that is, to train and educate people the ways to lead a happy, healthy, harmonious, balanced and successful life in all areas. So that the need to see a psychiatrist is reduced. The first and simplest step towards such type of life is to live in present; No regrets about the past; No worries about the future, just be contented and composed all the time.


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Dr. Sabir Hussain Khan Mrs. Tasleem Khan

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Consultant Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Counsellors, Palmist, Social & Spiritual Therapist, Writer & Columnist


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MBBS MCPS – (Neuro-Psychiatry)

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Monday - Saturday (Morning) [11 am - 4 pm]
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