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PhoneBook Mobile is here. There are so many great reasons to get it on your phone.

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You can use PhoneBook Mobile to find a butcher on the way. Or maybe you’re heading to an all-important job interview when your heel snaps. In a few minutes you can find a shoe repairer or shoe stores in the area.

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Phonebook.com.pk connects you to businesses in Pakistan. Find company listings, email addresses, phone numbers. Search local businesses, products and services. Our Unique Keyword based searching makes us prominent in the Pakistani Yellow Pages market. We are continuously extending our database with the aim of incorporating each and every business from a small shop to large industries, with the motto
"if it's in Pakistan, it's on Phonebook".

You can also actively participate in our efforts by up-dating and creating new business listings in our database. We also welcome your valuable feedback which helps us to improve our services. You can also register with us and can be a part of Phonebook Team.

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