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Company Rating 1 out of 5 stars

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)

NBP Building, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi. Send Email
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Overall Company Rating: Over all rating
1 out of 5 stars
By: Nnajeeb Looni on 02-Jul-2011

Thanks to the NBP Management for converting all branches to the Online System. Also thumbs up for bringing up the ATM of Quetta Cantt. branch. Good job done.

1 out of 5 stars
By: Najeeb Looni on 09-May-2011

I am repeatedly requesting to the senior management that the ATM and online system of NBP Quetta Cantt branch is not in working order and due to which valuable customers are facing problems in getting these services.
Please also note that NBP email system is also not working properly which
is an other critical issue for the bank. Please resolve these issues in the interest of the bank and its customers.

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Head Office Address: NBP Building, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi. Landmarks: Bank Alfalah BUilding, I.I. Chundrigar Road, NJI Building City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-99062000, 99062001, 99062002, 99211984, 99212100, 99212101, 99212102, 99212103, 99212104, 99212105, 99212106, 99212107, 99212108, 99212109, 99212110, 99212111, 99212112, 99212113, 99212114, 99212115, 99212116, 99212117, 99212118, 99212119, 99212120, 99212121, 99212122, 99212123, 99212124, 99212125, 99212126, 99212127, 99212128, 99212129, 99212130, 99212220, 99212244 UAN +92-21-111627627
Regional Office Address: Liberty Market, Gulberg, Lahore. Landmarks: Hafeez Centre, Liberty market, Pace City: Lahore
Phone +92-42-35751104, 35751105 Fax +92-42-35751371
Regional Office Address: Main Branch, Shahrah-e-Quiad-e-Azam Rd, Lahore. Landmarks: Shahrah-e-Quaid Azam City: Lahore
Phone +92-42-99211674, 99211686 Fax +92-42-99211248
Regional Office Address: M.A. Jinnah Road, Mirpurkhas. Landmarks: M.A Jinnah Road, Mirpurkhas City: Mirpurkhas
Phone +92-233-9290255 Fax +92-233-9290257
Regional Office Address: Bank Square, Bunder Road, Larkana. Landmarks: Bank Square, Bunder Road City: Larkana
Phone +92-74-440358, 442261 Fax +92-74-41192
Regional Office Address: Main Bazar Nawabshah Landmarks: Main Bazar, Nawabshah City: Nawabshah
Phone +92-244-9370401, 9370402 Fax +92-244-9370403
Branch Office Address: Main Branch, Okara. Landmarks: Main Branch, Okara City: Sahiwal
Phone +92-40-521900 Fax +92-40-514890
Regional Office Address: Jail Road, Civil Lines, Faisalabad. Landmarks: Civil Lines, Faisalabad, Jail Road City: Faisalabad
Phone +92-41-610534, 610535, 610536, 611044, 614829
Regional Office Address: NBP Main Branch, Abbottabad Landmarks: Abbotabad City, Main Branch City: Abbottabad
Phone +92-992-9310137 Fax +92-992-9310138
Regional Office Address: Civic Centre Branch. G-6, Islamabad. Landmarks: Aabpara, Civic Centre, G-6 Markaz, Melody Market City: Islamabad
Phone +92-51-9201973 Fax +92-51-9206234
Regional Office Address: District Courts, D.I.G. Chowk,Bahawalpur Landmarks: Bahawalpur, DIG Chowk, District Courts City: Bahawalpur
Phone +92-62-9250121 Fax +92-62-9250120
Branch Office Address: Block No. 02, D.G. Khan. Landmarks: Block No. 2, Dera Ghazi Khan City: Dera Ghazi Khan
Phone +92-64-462165 Fax +92-64-463840
Branch Office Address: Model Town, Rahim Yar khan. Landmarks: Model Town, Rahim Yar Khan City: Rahim Yar Khan
Phone +92-68-9230184 Fax +92-68-9230187
Regional Office Address: NBP Circular Road Branch, D.I. Khan. Landmarks: Circular Road Branch City: D. I. Khan
Phone +92-966-9280049 Fax +92-966-9280050
Regional Office Address: Noor Sher Building, Hangu Road, Kohat. Landmarks: Hangu Road, Kohat, Noor Sher Building City: Kohat
Phone +92-922-9260170
Regional Office Address: Main branch, Chakwal Landmarks: Chakwal, Main Branch City: Chakwal
Phone +92-543-51735, 550381
Regional Office Address: Eidgah Road, Near Muncipal Stadium, Sukkur. Landmarks: Eidgah Road, Muncipal Stadium, Sukkur City: Sukkur
Phone +92-71-9310263, 9310264 Fax +92-71-9310265
Regional Office Address: NBP Building,Shahrah-e-Fatima Jinnah, Hyderabad. Landmarks: Hyderabad, NBP Building, Shahrah-e-Fatima Jinnah City: Hyderabad
Phone +92-22-781380, 784769 Fax +92-22-781679
Regional Office Address: Saddar Bazar, Peshawar cantt. Landmarks: Peshawer Cantt, Saddar Bazar City: Peshawar
Phone +92-91-271692 Fax +92-91-278931
Regional Office Address: Cantt Board Building, The Mall, Rawalpindi. Landmarks: Cantt Board Building, Rawalpindi, The Mall City: Rawalpindi
Phone +92-51-9272776 Fax +92-51-9272668
Regional Office Address: Shahra-e-Staff College, Quetta Cantt. Landmarks: Quetta Cantt, Shahrah-e-Staff College City: Quetta
Phone +92-81-9202568, 9202624 Fax +92-81-920209
Regional Office Address: Small Industrial Estate, Gujranwala Landmarks: Small Industrial Estate City: Gujranwala
Phone +92-55-9200350 Fax +92-55-9200347
Regional Office Address: Opp Eat More Restaurant, Sailkot Cantt Landmarks: Eat More Restaurant, Sialkot Cantt City: Sialkot
Phone +92-52-260995, 266295
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