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Cool Industries (Pvt.) Ltd

9 Kilometers, Hanjarwal, Multan Road Send Email
Owned By: Javed Akhtar and Pervaiz Butt
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Cool Industries (Pvt) Ltd. established in 1973, is a leading manufacturer of Home Appliances, including Deep Freezers, Refrigerators, Air conditioners, Vacuum cleaners, Food processors, Washing machines and other wide range of appliances waiting to launch in a market very soon.
Our brand name Waves is undisputed leader in the market, both in residential and commercial sector in Pakistan. Waves is also exporting its products to Middle East and Central Asian States including Afghanistan.
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Head Office Address: 9 Kilometers, Hanjarwal, Multan Road Landmarks: Hanjarwal, Multan Road City: Lahore
Phone +92-42-35415421, 35415422, 35415423, 35415424, 35415425, 35421502, 35421503, 35421504 Fax +92-42-35420442 UAN +92-42-111313233
Showroom Address: LAHORE DISPLAY CENTRE:159-Karim Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore. Landmarks: Allama Iqbal town, Karim Block City: Lahore
Phone +92-42-35437092, 35437093, 35437094 Fax +92-42-35436095 UAN +92-42-111454647
Branch Office Address: LAHORE SERVICE CENTRE:10-Km.Hanjarwal, Multan Road, Near by Sheikhaun Wala Petrol Pump Landmarks: Hanjarwal, Multan road, Sheikhun Wala Petrol Pump City: Lahore
Fax +92-42-35420569 UAN +92-42-111343536
Branch Office Address: Building Cold Storage & Oil Mills No.449-1/Vl, G.T.Road, Sahiwal, Pakistan. Landmarks: Building Cold Storage and Oil Mills, GT Road City: Sahiwal
Phone +92-40-4229065 Fax +92-40-4462488
Sales & Service Centre Address: P-416/1-H, Awami Street, Samundari Road, Faisalabad Landmarks: Awami Street, samundari Road City: Faisalabad
Phone +92-41-8543889, 8739880 Toll Free 0800-90000
Branch Office Address: 37-A, Islamabad Colony, PAF Road, Sargodha, Pakistan. Landmarks: Islamabad Colony, PAF Road City: Sargodha
Phone +92-48-3725082 Fax +92-48-3723691
Branch Office Address: House No:4-C, Rashid Minhas Road, Model Town A, Bahawalpur, Pakistan Landmarks: Model Town A, Rashid Minhas Road City: Bahawalpur
Phone +92-62-2880750 Fax +92-62-2880750
Branch Office Address: Bahawalpur Service Center:Shop No 1, Civic Center, Trust Colony, Bahawal Pur, Pakistan. Landmarks: Civic Centre, Trust Colony City: Bahawalpur
Phone +92-62-2732815
Branch Office Address: Hassan Plaza, Near Latif Chandia Hospital, Balkh Serwar City. Landmarks: Baikh Sarwar City, Hassan Plaza, Latif Chandia Hospital City: Dera Ghazi Khan
Phone +92-64-2461660
Branch Office Address: 57-A/1, Madina Ashraf Town, Church Road, Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan. Landmarks: Church Road, Madina Ashraf Town City: Rahim Yar Khan
Phone +92-68-5001719 Fax +92-68-5883622
Branch Office Address: Merhaba Center, Opp. Qasim Park, Upper Queen Road,Sukkur, Pakistan. Landmarks: Merhaba Centre, Qasim Park, Upper Queen Road City: Sukkur
Phone +92-71-5623928, 5624255 Fax +92-71-5622060
Branch Office Address: Shop No: 5-6, Block B, Al-Amna Complex, Alamgir Road, Civil Lines, Cantt. Landmarks: Al-Amna Complex, Alamgir Road, Civil lines City: Hyderabad
Phone +92-22-2784932, 2784933, 2787728 Fax +92-22-2784934
Branch Office Address: 769-D, Muneerabad Colony, Aqab Multan (Shell Petrol Pump), Khanewal Road, Multan, Pakistan. Landmarks: Khanewal Road, Muneerabad Colony, Shell Petrol Pump City: Multan
Phone +92-61-6774536, 6776101 Fax +92-61-4556495
Branch Office Address: 8-1st Floor, Block C, Cantonment Plaza, Saddar Road, Cantt., Peshawar, Pakistan. Landmarks: Cantoment Plaza, Cantt, Saddar road City: Peshawar
Phone +92-91-5287257 Fax +92-91-5279353
Branch Office Address: 14-B-1, Habib Plaza, Chandani Chowk, Satellite Town Landmarks: Chandni Chowk, Habib Plaza, Rawalpindi, Satellite Town City: Rawalpindi
Phone +92-51-4843600 Fax +92-51-4845600
Branch Office Address: 3-D, Phase II, Shahbaz Town, Quetta, Pakistan. Landmarks: 3-D, Phase II, Shahbaz Town City: Quetta
Phone +92-81-2827956 Fax +92-81-2831188
Branch Office Address: GMS Industry, Opp. Gold Marriage Hall, G.T. Toad Landmarks: G.T Road, GMS Industry, Gold Marriage Hall City: Gujranwala
Phone +92-55-3259515, 3859606
Branch Office Address: Sialkot Service Center: 58-A, or Road , Opp Gov. Islamia College Landmarks: 58-A, Goverment Islamia College City: Sialkot
Phone +92-52-4295338 Fax +92-52-4295336
Branch Office Address: Morr Kotli Behram, Near Naji Plaza, Gohad Pur Road, Sialkot, Pakistan Landmarks: Gohad Pur Road, Haji Plaza, Morr Kotli Behram City: Sialkot
Phone +92-52-4295337
Branch Office Address: Jalalpur Jata Road, Behind Ch. Zahoor Elahi Stadium, Saleemi Colony, Gujrat, Pakistan. Landmarks: Ch Zahoor Elahi Stadium, Jalalpur Jata Road, Saleemi Colony City: Gujrat
Phone +92-53-3608538 Fax +92-53-3608538
Branch Office Address: 210-Burhani Chambers, Abdullah Haroon Rd, Saddar. Landmarks: Abdullah Haroon Road, Burhani Chambers City: Karachi
Phone +92-21-32731234, 32771498 UAN +92-21-111313233
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